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At Bryant & Co we pride ourselves on offering a full package solution to all of your removal and storage needs. Whether you are downscaling and need to store some of your household furniture or have an office set-up that you need off-site storage for, we can find a solution that suits your needs and your pocket.


Mobile Storage

One of our most popular forms of storage is our mobile solution. Much like doing a local removal, we come to you – we can pack for you or just load your items into the modular storage unit. Once loaded and delivered to site, the modular units are forklifted off the truck and straight into storage at our warehouse. This means there is no double handling which makes it a very affordable option. The business model behind this storage option is ease and convenience for you at a minimal cost.

When it comes to accessing your stored items, we bring the modular unit back to your door. While access is free, please note that this needs to be arranged at least 48 hours in advance and can only be accommodated during office hours. Due to the standardised sizes of the modular units, please advise our team members of any items over 2.6m when you call for your quote.


Static Storage

Static storage is our more traditional option. Although we offer to pack and load your items into storage for you (as we would for a local removal), you are also afforded the option to self-move if you prefer. This storage option makes use of traditional shipping container units which are housed at a storage yard. This means that you are able to have access to your unit any time of the day or night without the need to arrange it beforehand. If you have particularly large items that you need stored, or if you need to store things like garden implements, tools etc. that you use on a regular basis, we recommend this option for you. Call our office today to discuss the options best suited to you.

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At Bryant & Co we pride ourselves on being local and community driven – that is why we support other local business whenever we can. One of our go-to suppliers is Move In Boxes, always on time and service with a smile they supply us with the following items:

  • Boxes in various sizes
    2 of the most popular sizes being book or wine boxes and tea chest boxes.
  • Packaging tape and tape dispensers
    High quality tape can make all the difference in preventing spills when moving heavy boxes. Using the right tape dispenser will also enable you to reduce your packing time.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap
    These packing supplies are so important when it comes to protecting your goods, especially in transit. Often overlooked by inexperienced packers, bubble wrap and packing paper not only protects your fragile items like glass and crockery but it can also prevent severe scratches, dents and chips to expensive furniture.
  • Marker Pen
    Last, but not least, don’t forget to put a marker pen on your supplies list. Correctly labelling your boxes may seem insignificant on your ever-increasing list of things to do but it is one of the simplest ways to eliminate stress and hassle when it comes to unpacking or finding what you need when it is in storage.

All of the above supplies are covered when we quote you for your move or storage unless you indicate that you will be doing the packing or moving yourself.



Often you may be tempted to cut costs wherever you can by doing things yourself rather than getting a professional in. While this can be cheaper immediately, it may work out more costly in the long run if you are inexperienced or have specialised items that you are looking to store for a long time. With 55 years of collective experience in packing, storage and removals, we at Bryant & Co are in the business of helping you to protect your precious belongings and sometimes this comes down to how things are boxed up, stacked, wrapped or stored together. The last thing you would want is to walk into your storage unit to find damage and corrosion to your items just because of a bad reaction between two things you packed in the same box.

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